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All New X-Men (2015 2nd Series) 8

MUTANTS AND…MAGIC? As young Beast continues to struggle with his new life in the present day Marvel Universe, he turns to another man of science for guidance—former surgeon and present day sorcerer supreme, Doctor Strange! But seeing as Strange .

Amazing Spider-Man 389

"Pursuit, part 4 of The Faceless Man"Includes 3 Spider-man promotional trading cards bound in book. Marvel Comic Book Amazing Spider-Man 389 A

COMICS: Marvel Changes Ben Reilly's SCARLET SPIDER Costume For The Better

When Marvel announced that the re-revived Ben Reilly would be getting his own series once more as the Scarlet Spider, the company also reve.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man should play Carnage in A Fantastic Web of Spider-Man: Rise of Venom.