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Kim Novak - This is from the movie Bell, Book, and Candle. It's a Christmas movie about a witch who falls in love. and has a cat

This face. That bone structure. Would have aged *beautifully* if struggle for youth hadn't wrecked it.

Kim Novak

Kim Novak, born February is a retired American film and television actress. Novak is possibly best known for her dual role in the 1958 Alfred

VERTIGO (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958)Kim Novak and James Stewart.

Vertigo's rise up the film critics' top 10 is a fascinating case study in reputation

James Stewart and Kim Novak in VERTIGO (Alfred Hitchcock, Still my favorite movie

Kim Novak in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo

Kim Novak portraying Madeline in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. This outfit always made me go gaga.

Kim Novak #kimnovak #cat

Retro Goddesses

Bell Book and Candle ~ Kim Novak & Pyewacket-- this was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid.

Kim Novak. Publicity still for director Richard Quine’s "Bell, Book and Candle" from 1958 (cropped).

Kim Novak: Publicity Photo for Richard Quine’s "Bell, Book and Candle"

Kim Novak, arrested once for prostitution in Chicago.

Kim Novak

Kim Novak (aka Marilyn Pauline Novak) - ) Actress - Best known for "Vertigo" "The Man With the Golden Arm" "Picnic" "Bell Book and Candle" 1958

I once knew a man who said this film sucked. Fortunately, I beat him to death with his own shoes.

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"Vertigo" Movie Poster designed by Saul Bass. Opening credits for "Vertigo" Movie animated by Saul Bass.