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Harry Pugter

Monsieur Georges is a little different from your average internet famous dog, because his owners, Lucile and Max, are both designers.

Potter heads are able to do different things because we are wizards

pinning source said: HARRY POTTER FOR LIFE AND INFINITY(we can also make musicals) <- And we can cause such a huge ruckus the powers that be decided to make more movies just to shut us up.

'A Niffler was a creature with a long snout and a coat of black, fluffy fur. They were attracted to shiny things, which made them wonderful for locating treasure

Newt Scamander by EnotRobin (fantastic beasts and where to find them)

Funny tumblr post

Funny tumblr post

Harry Potter patronus <--- yes but is that not the point. Go away fun sucking dementor. Today will be happy. Fluff off.

That's a snowball

Harry Potter patronus <--- yes but is that not the point.<<< my patronus is a hedgehog

Draco laughing at Harry's sass is such a good headcanon! Then he acts all ignorant like "what Potter? Wasn't me!"

Stupid Potter with his stupid broomstick. and his stupid chicken, don't you dare to forget the bloody chicken, agh! haah<<This. This is funny lol

Am I the only one who wanted to give Filch a hug in every book and movie? I felt so sorry for him! He was a misunderstood outcast hated for doing his JOB. Poor guy. :(

Filch and Mrs Norris - still a better love story than Twilight, I'm sorry these are funny!