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No joke, this was literally me whenever this episode came on. #AccuracyOnPoint

Literally my reaction, i bawled like a freaking baby!

The infamous surgical nurse!! Ahhhh!!!

If anyone names this show, you are a true fan! That character has been through every shooting, plane crash, and all of the deaths. Way to go, nurse. :) now 11 seasons

"Just, please, shut up! I wanna push, I feel like I need to push, can I push? We are having a C section in the dark. Just get this baby out of me safely and you can have whatever you want. Somebody talk to me! I don't hear him crying. Derek, go with him. Don't leave his side for a second. Do you hear me? You don't let me bleed out on this table. Shane, do it! Right now! Don't revive me. I do not wanna be a vegetable. What do you think about Bailey?" Meredith Grey; Grey's Anatomy quotes.

Meredith Grey: telling people what to do even while she's the one open on the operating table

This was seriously my favorite episode ever! No lie! I watch it allll the time. Non stop<3 ugh!

When Owen started singing I laughed so hard because I'm imagining this hard core army dude singing chasing cars 😂😂