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<span class="excerpt-inner">How did we go from long talks, fingers intertwined, to miles apart and discussing appliances? </span><a href="http://parenting.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/08/11/struggling-to-stay-connected-when-a-spouse-deploys/" class="more-link">Read more...</a>

How did we go from long talks, fingers intertwined, to miles apart and discussing appliances?

Do you ever struggle with deployment anger as a military spouse? Great tips for managing emotions during a military deployment. Military girlfriend. Military significant other. Military spouse. Military family.

The 7 Stages of Deployment Anger (and How to Manage Them)

Save money decorating your military housing or rental

10 Tips to Decorate Military Housing or Rentals - On a Budget!

I had a good laugh at these! Saving this one for the next deployment when I may need a good chuckle!

32 Funny Quotes for Deployment and Military Spouses

Military spouses feel this a lot.

It's Hard Waiting

Great books to help kids prepare for and stay connected during a deployment. Also help with frequent moves and PCS stress. Must haves for military kid libraries.

5 Tips to Help Kids Stay Connected During Deployment

The first thing we spouses do as soon as our active duty loved ones leave is start the deployment countdown. This is the best app and is OPSEC friendly.

Best App for Deployment Countdown. My husband used something similar to this with a photo of us in it for inspiration.

Coping during deployment separations...LOVE these 9 tips!

9 Reasons Why It's Okay When He Deploys

The Military Spouse | Military Life

Military Life -- the military spouse

"What is the BEST piece of advice you would give to new military spouses"? Here is 101+ pieces of advice TO new military spouses FROM military spouses.

100+ Best Pieces of Advice to New Military Spouses