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Cardio Workout

Get more out of all your cardio workouts with these intensifying exercise tips. Better cardio workouts equals better results.

The Darling Prepster: College Life: How to Stay Healthy [Guest Post]

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This quote has been my whole inspiration and all my motivation to get back into it after two months of being out of it. And it's so true. "I really regret that workout" SAID NO ONE EVER.

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Motivational quote No excuses, it's you ass, you move it. Sometimes tough love helps me more than sugar coated positives.

Bill Phillips - Food is the most widely abused anti-anxiety drug...

Food is the most widely abused anti-anxiety drug in America, and exercise is the most potent yet underutilized antidepressant - Bill Phillips

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wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction. my routine is now working out when i wake up and before i go to bed, and i really really really don't want to work out right now lol.

I Shape ME

Today is my tomorrow. It’s up to me to shape it, to take control and seize every opportunity. The power is in the choices I make each day. I eat well, I live well. I SHAPE ME.

Motivation #Playlist

Great -- make a 45 minute playlist and don't stop until it does. Make it your goal - you'll have something to strive for that's within reach! 45 minutes, you can do it!

Tanks and Shirt

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Definitely want the that just happened one & the beast mode one for sure! Tanks and Shirts that are blank when you start working out then when you sweat the words appear.

The truth

STOP making excuses. STOP saying you'll do it tomorrow. STOP believing it will happen by itself. BEGIN working out today. BEGIN eating healthy today. BEGIN your life change now. Do it TODAY and PROUD tomorrow

Hold yourself accountable

// I love this quote/thought/idea Yesterday you Said Tomorrow Just do it

Happy Valentine's Day!

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