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Are You Ready? ||| CHRISTian ~ poetry by deborah ann

Are You Ready?

It always helps when we remember who is our hope. Our hope is not a sunny weather, no matter how nice that would be. Our hope is not money or a new job. Those things are just temporary things, here today - gone tomorrow. But our hope is Jesus. And that hope is eternal!  http://www.flowingfaith.com/2014/11/unfolding-grace.html

God is at work in our lives, his unfolding grace is blessing us day in day out. The trick here is to trust God even when we don't feel like it.

God is at work behind the scenes. In the world and in your life. No matter what is going on. God is in control and God is at work for you, in you, through you. http://www.flowingfaith.com/2015/06/god-is-at-work.html

God Is at Work Behind the Scenes - Flowing Faith

Calvary Chapel Fellowship Wichita - "For the equipping of the saints" (Eph 4:12 NKJV)

Are you so busy that you don’t have time to to fit God in your life? We tend to get so crazy-buzy sometimes that it feels that we barely have time to breath. It might feel an added burden … Continue reading →

Praise for the Peace of Christ

Let the peace of Christ -that inner calm of one who walk daily with him- be the controlling factor in your heart.

Living out faith seems fun and easy when things go well. But what are we supposed to do when things don't go so well? Still keep going strong? But how is it possible? The trick here is....we are not to lean on our own strength...but on God's strength. We are not to  thrive on our own...but to let God empower us.  Then it's not about good times or tough times. It's about kingdom living. It's about Christ living in us.  http://www.flowingfaith.com/2013/09/kingdom-living.html

Kingdom living is what God has planned for his children.

The first step to peace is to lift up your eyes from your troubles and look at…

The first step to peace is to lift up your eyes from your troubles and look at Jesus instead. Raise me up, Lord!

As we journey through life, it is important to know we are never alone. God is always with us, no matter what, helping us along the way.

Encouragement for Your Faith Journey - Flowing Faith

Have you changed a lot in the last 10 years? I bet you have. So have I. Do you think you will change as much in the future? According to a research people tend not to believe they will change that much in the future. But they will and we will. Change is inevitable. But we can decide into what direction we will change: God-ward or away from God.  http://www.flowingfaith.com/2013/01/how-to-do-the-creative-best-with-your-life.html

Such an awesome collective of Christian designers

Do you know you’re not supposed to be a slave of God? You know, so many people…

You Are a Child of God - Flowing Faith

Do you blame God for the messiness of your life? Do you think it's God's fault that your life is complicated? Do you think it'd be God's responsibility to keep your life smooth?  You are not alone. But you are still mistaken. You see, ways of God are straight. Always. But sin makes our paths unnecessarily crooked. Hence it is not God who complicates our life. http://www.flowingfaith.com/2013/08/ways-of-god-are-straight.html

But sin makes our paths crooked. Only when we live in Christ, we are empowered by grace to keep our feet on the straight path.

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