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Don't keep calm because Matt Smith is leaving - Doctor Who

Matt Smith is leaving. So upset! I think I'm gonna cry now ~__~

Someone needs to explain to Eleven the concept of boobs and the fact that he doesn't have them.

turnyouon: “ Favorite Matt Smith’s hair moments on Doctor Who (+) That one time he was wearing nothing but a towel and you were also still looking at his hair The Lodger ”

Kaitlinkaitlinkaitlinkaitlinkaitlin!!!!!! HE'S A NEWSIE!!!!!  The DOCTOR was part of the STRIKE!!!!!

Matt Smith in hats. And mid he's in Newsies and must've been part of the strike and your argument is invalid.

#the most feared being in all the cosmos.... Looking adorable with his T.A.R.D.I.S. XD

31 Times Matt Smith Was The Most Perfect Human Being Ever (.Which he is.basically all the time.

I'm sold on the 11th doctor.

Afternoon eye candy: Matt Smith (26 photos)

Bow ties are cool.So is Matt Smith.so is the doctor. Who's just the coolest time lord ever.

Matt Smith and David Tennant interview for 50th anniversary special!

David Tennant and Matt Smith seen on set together as they shoot 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who

David Tennant, Matt Smith and the TARDIS! I can't wait for the Anniversary Special!