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It’s Time We Start Thinking Less About Installs and More About Retention

Mobile marketers often forget the value of retention. This article outlines why your current users are so valuable.

7 Most Hilarious 'Family Feud' Moments. |LOL, Damn! Funny and Awesome pictures.

7 Most Hilarious Family Feud Moments

7 Most Hilarious ‘Family Feud’ Moments. Love Family Feud and Steve Harvey!

English is a crazy language... that it is.

Funny pictures about English is a crazy language. Oh, and cool pics about English is a crazy language. Also, English is a crazy language photos.

Married To The Sea - 2,000+ comics by Drew & Natalie Dee - Updates daily at midnight

Married To The Sea - comics by Drew & Natalie Dee - Updates daily at midnight

I can agree with all of these except #5. I expect excellence and when I don't get it, I don't get upset, I just see it as another opportunity to do better! We have too much mediocrity in the world, sorry #5.

Five Rules for Happiness Paperweight



Wake up inspired & happy!

Inspirational alarm messages for those dreaded early mornings.already made myself a happy message for tomorrow morning!

Dupenny 50's Housewife (Half Scale) Black / White Wallpaper main image

Housewife (Half Scale) HOUSEWIFE) - Dupenny Wallpapers - A high quality wallcovering showing designs of housewifes doing the house work with quirky detailing made with inks. hand-made in the UK. showing in black and white .

Hood Bitch

"They be all like you need pants to fly".was she really trying to fly without her pants?