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Omega-3s---sooo sooo important for your mental health!! I can owe the resolution of "baby blues" and every day anxiety to omega 3 supplements!!

The Incredible Benefits of Omega - 3 s Boosts memory, fights inflammation, lowers triglycerides, regulates insulin response and helps with depression ADHD and Alzheimer's

For mental health

protect mental health - eating healthy seriously can make a difference in your performance and daily experience in life

Depression can make everyday tasks seem daunting. Although music doesn't cure depression, it's scientifically proven to reduce stress and even reduce depressive symptoms.   These songs have helped people through depression. If you need an extra boost today, maybe these can help.

16 Songs That Have Helped People Through Depression

Music can't cure depression, but it's scientifically proven to alleviate symptoms. These songs have helped people through depression -- what would you add?

13 Vitamins Cheat Sheet

13 Vitamins Cheat Sheet

27 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin B12 For Skin, Hair And Health http://superibu.com

27 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin For Skin, Hair And Health what this info graphic doesn't talk about is nutritional yeast. Vegans and vegetarians can easily get plenty of vitamin B by consuming nutritional yeast

Mineral and vitamin supplements can enhance well-being and mental energy not just for healthy adults but for individuals at risk of depression and anxiety

The Nutrition of Mental Health Infographic. Mental Health has a strong connection with the food we eat and the health of the gut.

Bone Suckers and Bone Builders|Craving Something Healthy

Bone Suckers and Bone Builders

Plant Based Sources of Calcium. The first thing people ask me (after their horrified stares) when I say I don't eat dairy is "but HOW do you get calcium? Pretty much anything green is rich in calcium. Its not nearly as hard as you think it is!

Supplements vs Food Infographic... I could do the zinc in food form, no prob., but the rest I'd definitely have to take the supplement form to get my requirement...

Supplements vs Food Infographic

This infographic entitled "Supplements vs. Food Visual Guide" illustrates the amounts or portions of various foods that are equivalent to certain dosages of various supplements.

711 repins  ABC-ul Vitaminelor                                               Importanta vitaminelor pentru organismul nostru si sursele naturale ale acestora.

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