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Socially Awkward Awesome Penguin

Girl leans forward to show off lip piercing Has new girlfriend Kisses her Socially Awkward Awesome Penguin


When a student asks if you did anything in class while he was absent and more classroom memes

This one is for all you orange fake-bakers and Coach handbag look-alikes!

Be careful in that tanning bed, or I will starting telling u that u have been dorito raped

Lol. This isn't even all that funny. But Toby McGuire is such an ugly crier it makes this hilarious.

Funny pictures about You know my favorite brand of rice? Oh, and cool pics about You know my favorite brand of rice? Also, You know my favorite brand of rice?

I'm glad you figured it out.

Funny pictures about American tourist. Oh, and cool pics about American tourist. Also, American tourist photos.

This would work if he had some friends!  #obama #ObamaCare #governmentshutdown

Obama: "I don't always violate the Constitution, but. Stay ignorant, my friends.

Kim Jung un is fat - Google zoeken

Kim Jung un is fat - Google zoeken


Oh dreaded season where everybody thinks it's ok to call 911 for the flu.

8 Non-LDS Movies Every #Mormon Loves: Sound of Music

8 Non-LDS Movies All Mormons Love

The Julie Andrews Sound of Music Information Page. True stories of Julie Andrews and the making of the Sound of Music movie.

Go home ford lol Car meme

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