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Terry Fan - I love it when the skin tones changed to unnatural ones for the sake of making it more interesting. Not to mention I love this color combo.

I've recently found a super awesome gallery / store for designers and illustrations who want to sell their art, called There are some amazing pieces of art there, like these illustrations by Terry Fan.

Great safari hats worn by Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer on the set of The Ghost & The Darkness.

(Portraying) J. Patterson and Charles Remington (Friends of Selous)

lanallure:  Doris Day, 1953. I just love her!!!

Shooting Film: Interesting Portraits of Celebrities with Rolleiflex TLR Cameras. Without any doubt was the introduction in of the first Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflex (TLR), a sensation: …

Drawing Totem Pole Worksheet - Bing Images

Native American Totem Pole Art - Rustic and Cabin Wall Decor

44BB | Paint By Number Museum Art Award  Title Wise Men Manufacturer Art Award

44BB | Paint By Number Museum Art Award Title Wise Men Manufacturer Art Award

Okay, it's a TV poster. Sue me. ~~~ sid + marty krofft: land of the lost by *strongstuff on deviantART

here's the variant colorway of my land of the lost poster. you can check out the regular edition here. the silkscreen is a limited edition and w. sid + marty krofft: land of the lost variant

Posters for Newcastle Festival of Dance

weandthecolor: “ Poster Design by Amy Rodchester Part of a set of posters to promote Newcastle Festival of Dance. Designed by Amy Rodchester. More graphic design inspiration.A.

Azeem: Is she worth it?
Robin Hood: Worth dying for.

Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Alan Rickman, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves