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im not obsessed im not obsessed im not obsessed........maybe just a little bit   Aaron Johnson

Photos of Aaron Johnson in Harper's Bazaar

Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Took me ages to figure out why I found the lead from Kick-Ass so attractive!

I am addicted to Aaron Taylor-Johnson.Under those circumstances I have created Taylor-Johnsons, a high resolution hand-picked photo.

James Dean

Joe - James dean in east of eaden, would be a good idea for the ending when joe leaves as i want him to be an image of James dean.

James by Sid Avery in Texas,on the set of Giant ,1955

thelittlefreakazoidthatcould: “ James Dean photographed by Sid Avery, in Texas, on the set of Giant, ”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt by Sam Jones.

“ Joseph Gordon-Levitt photographed Sam Jones for Entertainment Weekly ”