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The theater was co-founded by a British man, who then went bankrupt because of this adventurous venture. Photo by Yury Dyagterev, MosDay

Trading House in Berlin. Architect Bohm. The architecture of the second half of the XIX century. Drawings and sketches.

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Facts about Russia. Russian cities. Golden RIng #friendlylocalguides #moscowtours #goldenringtour

Top 20 facts about Russian cities

There are almost 1100 cities in Russia, and the oldest Russian town is 5000 years old. More interesting facts about Russian cities in this article.

And this is a grocery store? - Moscow, Moscow. Елисеевский гастроном.

And this is a grocery store?- I'm sure there's some completely amazing stuff in Moscow, I'd have trouble going there in light of the current regressive regime in Russia. Maybe when they get rid of Putin.