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Fizzy and Fucked up

Cotton Ball

20 x white color cotton ball Bali string light wedding party display light decor room indoor outdoor

THE NEXT CHAPTER IN YOUR LIFE   A door has closed and now you are feeling uncertain about many things.  What was once so dependable for you has taken a turn toward being unstable and left you feeling uneasy.  You are wondering, “Now what am I to do?”  “Where do I go?”  Do not be afraid, My goodness and mercy have your back, and I know where I am leading you.  Have I not always been a strong defender and caretaker?  Embrace what I am doing.

No copyright intended - may this music glorify Gods name. This song 'You are the Light' is taken from the International Staff Songster CD entitled 'Distant S.

'Spring Sunsets'

'Spring Sunsets'


Mullaghmore Gorge, Silgo, Ireland by by Stephen Emerson via. "Mullaghmore Gorge just as the sun was setting. Quite tricky getting down over slippery stones and setting up for this one as this beautiful light was brief.

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'Fuscia Pop'

'Fuscia Pop'