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Umbra Prisma Mirror - Copper - wire frame geometric mirror

Umbra Prisma Mirror - Copper

Admire your reflection in metallic style with the Umbra Primsa Mirror - Copper! This wire frame geometric mirror is available to buy from Red Candy.

This Jungle Playset looks amazing and is so easy to make using toilet paper roll crafts. Such a great way to spark creativity and imaginative play!

Jungle Scene Playset From Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

This Jungle Play Set looks amazing and is easy to make from toilet paper roll crafts. Such a great way to spark creativity and imaginative play with cardboard tube crafts!

In honor of over 900 followers, I'll be doing this with sabin, zenny and chardeen! Comment below a number and one of my oc pairings!

I did this instead of with my OTP but with my date-mate and I always wear her clothes and she wears mine so some of them went both ways and some I didn't agree Actually would happen

household objects have been made to look like blue prints by sculpter do ho suh using polyester fabric

Fabric Sculptures by Do Ho Suh

do ho suh specimen series: 348 west street, apt. new york, NY USA toilet, 2013 polyester fabric, x x inches

We enjoy quite a few unprecedented technologies today, but much more of the stuff that we use has been around for ages. Ancient humans may not have been able to text or upload selfies, but they enjoyed everyday objects like flushable toilets, chewing gum and nice purses just like we do.

You mamma is sooooo old.that she used a vulture bone as a flute and wrote recipes on clay tablets! And here is the rest of her stuff too!

Children make marionettes from TP rolls , tissue paper, and painted beads.

Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters

Puppets collage Animal Marionettes - fun recycling project and a new toy kids can make themselves!

Wondering what was missing in your life? The answer is a toilet paper holder made from a wrench! Make your bathroom one-of-a-kind with this holder made from a reclaimed pine base, raw steel, a big bolt and a pipe-fitters wrench! Whether its the for shop or the man cave, this unique item makes the perfect gift for the man in your life. PS. It looks great with our industrial towel rack! https://www.etsy.com/listing/205166466/industrial-wrench-towel-rack?  DIMENSIONS: 15 L…

Industrial Wrench Toilet Paper Holder by urbanwoodandsteel on Etsy Wrist Watches