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I want to know the reason behind this face

Me and Anna every single time in Mrs. Garls class......

Best of One Direction Memes

story of my life god dang it

Teletubbies... Was anyone else frightened of that vacuum type thing on there, or is that just me?

Yes, Harry. Like the teletubbies. i love teletubbies!

Imagen de niall horan, louis tomlinson, and one direction

My mom was like why did Louis slap you boyfriend. I was like because my other boyfriend is sometimes mean to my husband

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Niall meeting the queen! his face is so cute

They look pretty... Then they look cray cray, hahahahaha love them #compartirvideos #imagenes+divertidas

I love these girls! I can't explain how funny, pretty, and amazing these girls are. If you haven't heard of them yet, ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you. Little Mix!

same tyler same

I AM Tyler Oakley in every situation

Liam screaming, Niall running away, Harry kicking it with his foot and Zayn and Louis cracking up over their idiots... Gotta live this band!

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Liam was scared. Zayn and Louis laughing of Liam Then we see Niall trying to kill the bug and if we see the video we can see that Niall shout. "It was an alien" they are so .

And Liam is like : Daaaamn son you got da booty.>>>>this comment cracks me up!<<< I have no freaking clue what's going on but that first comment about made me die

Funny One Direction, Zayn memories.

British Problems...  The first one is so true for me!

British Problems…

Funny pictures about Problems That Only British People Can Understand. Oh, and cool pics about Problems That Only British People Can Understand. Also, Problems That Only British People Can Understand photos.