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Genealogy's Star: Building a Pedigree from Sources -- The Ultimate Challenge

Do you have a source for every conclusion in your family file? Traditional genealogy began with a pedigree chart and a search for names.

Sibling Form ~ Use for spill over from the Family Form for families with more than 6 children.

The Ancestor Form (Pedigree Chart). The Family Form. The Sibling Form. The Ancestor Location Form. The US Immigrant Census Form. pdf forms you can fill in and print.

Create One File Folder for Each Couple (& their children)   /   FHiF

If organizing your family tree or genealogy/pedigree charts in file folders, MAKE SURE you are using acid-free file folders and document boxes. - I do D ring binders

LDS Family History made easy... #LDSfamilysearch #MormonLink. Links to article abt searching manuscripts

Family History Color pedigree - to correlate with my color coded files

Rootsmapper.com ~ genealogy Ya, this is pretty cool!

RootsMapper - shows you where your ancestors are from! Goes back up to 8 generations!

Yesterday we looked at the great "fattening" of New York and all the parts that are built on what basically amounts to trash. But it turns out that parts of the city have also disappeared--and for a few decades, New York even had 13 grand north-south avenues, not 12.

The Forgotten 13th Avenue That New York City Built and Then Destroyed

The Forgotten Avenue That New York City Built and Then Destroyed

Tracing My Roots: Who Do I Think I Am?: My Genealogy Do-Over

* Tip for Cleaning Wood * "White Vinegar makes a great cleaner for any type of wood, including wooden floors.

Census in Germany - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Census in Germany - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

family history for kids

Family History for Kids

Family history for kids-contains some great ideas on a family tree unit. The lap book link does not work, but you could easily supplement with something else.