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Material Transition by Min-Sang Choi

Material Transition

Yet another Material Transition. Things to note : - Circular Mask Layer (Thanks to Koen Bok) - Animating Mask without affecting sublayers.

Here's another small prototype, inspired by Google's Material Design Reel, made with Sketch and Framer Studio.  I've recreated the artwork with the latest Sketch Beta, pulled everything in with Fra...

Album Animation with Framer Studio

Just a little animation using After Effects. This is the Album View transition i'm working on with Material Design. Feedbacks are really appreciated!

Material Album View Transition

Material Design - The Morphing FAB by John Schlemmer for Google

Material Design - The Morphing FAB

25 Gorgeous Material Design Interface Animations - UltraLinx

25 Gorgeous Material Design Interface Animations

This year, it's Google I/O 2015 on May 28-29! Thanks alot to @Espen Flagtvedt Olsen for helping me saving it for web this time :)

Google I/O 2015

You might have missed I/O 2015 this year, so this article will summarise what happened in the 2 hour keynote in something that is a lot less than 2 hours!