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If you see two guys like this.it is well worth your time to stop and talk to them. They will be happy to tell you about the LDS faith.

modest is hottest

I am so tired of people saying this stuff when what we really wear is just like the clothes in the picture!

Ryan Gosling. Hot!!!

Ill miss you while youre at girls camp.Im going to girls camp in two days so it was pretty hilarious when this popped up on my feed!

31 Hey Girl Memes That Only Mormon Girls Will Understand

31 Hey Girl Memes That Only Mormon Girls Will Understand

This is so funny! I love Mormon "Hey Girls" from Ryan Gosling!) thanks Ryan right back at you.

Remix of T.Swift's You belong with me. You should wait for me. Hahaha! I just love missionaries.(:

Elder Robert Mcfadden and Elder Cameron Boehning serving an LDS mission in the Salt Lake City South Mission. We made a parody to the Taylor Swift Song -You B.


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Dont we all.

Tim Tebow xD, thank God their are still people who stand up for their faith.


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