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Bioshock Infinite Possibilities

BioShock Infinite Possibilities, real smooth there Booker

Sander Cohen aka the craziest character in BioShock (the book BioShock: Rapture explains his insanity further than what is noticed in the game)

I don't really like it at all but OH WELL might as well upload it, especially since Bioshock 2 is coming out in a couple days! Gawd, I love Sander Cohen.

~Bioshock~Creepy Game but I love it~

Horror Games, Impossible Architecture, and the Overlook Hotel - The Oxford Student


Started out as texture practice and turned into some Bioshock fanart.

Mr. Bubbles by MadLittleClown

Bioshock fanart a wild Big Daddy appears! (i was thinking about Delta or normal Rosie, but design of Bouncer is my favourite) (BTW- Big Daddy really existed!