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Yeah... I didn't need to sleep anyway.

Funny pictures about Creepy Disney Princesses. Oh, and cool pics about Creepy Disney Princesses. Also, Creepy Disney Princesses.

Sth is different here

Sth is different here

If Tim Burton Directed Disney Movies (By Andrew Tarusov) - 9GAG

If Tim Burton Directed Disney Movies (By Andrew Tarusov)

If Tim Burton Directed Disney Movies (By Andrew Tarusov) how to change the atmosphere of a drawing>>He should seriously redo Disney Movies!

I like all show theories if they make sense. Just because they're darker doesn't you have the right to shit on people for coming up with them

I do also hate those trying a little too hard to be dark and edgy fan theories. Dream theories especially because they're just so unimaginative.

The Coen Brothers Should Direct the Movie of Your Life  You can't help but see the darker side of life. You are drawn to eccentricity. You have a sharp wit, and your sense of humor can be a bit extreme. You tend to shock people.  You are an unusual character, and the people you hang around with are equally quirky. You may be weird but you're also quite lovable. You are definitely unforgettable.

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