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dreaming of away: lake louise, canada. This is still the most beautiful place I have ever been.

Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta Been there but, would love to go again.

This is the best green smoothie recipe! Super easy, healthy and delicious!

Best green smoothie

This is the best green smoothie recipe! Super easy, healthy and delicious! cup apple juice can substitute with greek yogurt or almond milk 1 banana 2 small oranges cup pineapple cup carrots 2 cups spinach 1 cup ice

Why green smoothies? Leafy green vegetables are the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet! Low calorie, high in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. By blending greens into smoothies, you will eat a wider variety of greens easily.

Recipes from The Nest - The Green Goblin Smoothie 1 large orange, peeled and segmented of a large banana, cut into chunks 6 large strawberries 2 cups spinach cup plain Greek yogurt 1 cup ice

Banana Berry Smoothies by cookingclassy: Jamba Juice copycat! #Smoothie #Blueberry

Banana Berry Smoothies (Jamba Juice Copycat)

Banana Berry Smoothies {Jamba Juice Copycat} - 2 ripe bananas 1 cups frozen blueberries 1 cups raspberry sherbet cup fat free frozen yogurt 1 cup berry blend juice, plus cup more as needed* Ice cubes

Raspberry Coconut Smoothie  You can substitute any berries of your choice in this recipe.   Serves 2  3 tablespoons golden flax seeds  1/2 cup coconut milk (preferably “Thai kitchen” brand)  1 1/2 cups water  1 cup frozen raspberries  1 banana  1 Tablespoon honey  Blend flax seeds in blender until seeds are ground. Add coconut milk, water, berries, banana and honey. Blend until smooth.

Raspberry Coconut Smoothie

Sounds yummy too! Coconut/Raspberry Smoothie - Top 10 Smoothies and Drinks That Boost Your Metabolism

Find out the healthiest smoothie ingredients and 10 to ditch

Try these with Jump Protein- 10 Super-Healthy Food Trends You Haven't Tried Yet. Looking for a new über-healthy food to add to your repertoire? Check out this list of healthy food trends!

spinach + almond milk + peanut butter + banana + mixed berries + flaxseed. Wouldn't this be delish with Califia Unsweetened Almondmilk?

My Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe: 1 medium banana, previously peeled, frozen and quartered cup mixed frozen berries 1 Tbsp flaxseed meal 1 heaping Tbsp natural, salted peanut butter – cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk 2 cups fresh spinach