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DIY Replacement Patio Table Tops made of Plexiglass.... Since my table glass broke I maybe doing this!!

Replacement Patio Table Tops: Do It Yourself! Use a round patio table replacement top, cut in half for top of window wells!

Use clear polish on your solar lights to make them last longer and shine brighter. The sun tends to dull the solar panel causing the light to be dim.

'frosted’ plastic reflects light away from the solar cells; clean, clear solar cells can capture much more light. Clear nail polish is perfect for rejuvenating plastic-covered solar cells that have become weathered and dull.

Silver knife dragonfly; spoon flower petals

Knives and spoons Dragon Fly for the garden. Dragon flies are my favorite bug!

Garden Art From Junk Dishes | Spoon dragonflies

10 Great Ideas To Give Your Garden A Touch Of Whimsy

How to make homemade suet cakes for the birds.

How to Make Bird Suet Cakes

Made suet cakes, came up with my own 'recipe' . The birdies LOVED IT! Better than store bought. Used ham fat I rendered, would not recommend for summer months. May get messy! How to make homemade suet cakes for the birds.

Put a magnet behind your light switch to hold your keys. Genius!

Magnet on light plate Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 28 Pics

DIY:   When you can't find the light fixture you want, make your own.  This link will show you how - using a Mason Jar lid, glue & an old glass shade from Goodwill.

DIY Schoolhouse Light Pendant (light globe from Lowe's/Home Depot, light adapter kit, 1 regular sized canning jar lids, glue)