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A day in Wales

A day in Wales

Name brooches from https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lavender-House-Vintage/199572393479830?fref=photo

Always had one of these on holiday!

plastic cover for cookery basket - Google Search

Cookery basket Mine was exactly the same which I used for home ecconomics at school in the

Ever ready battery

Ever ready from Woolworths, remember early Christmas day up at 4 in the morning to get to the presents under the tree , open the main present only to find it did not have any battery,s its ok kids mums and dads my age get the joke

Coop stamps

Co-op stamps, you got these for your grocery shopping and off the milkman, great sheets of them that you had to lick and stick in books, before handing them in to collect free things from your local Co-op.usually glasses.

Cresta Pop

It's frothy man!… so this is why my grandad always used to say that! Sort of cloudy, and probably contained banned additives - CRESTA soft drink TV ads

toys from the 70's - OMG this was my favorite toy when I was a child...this brings back sooo many memories

My daughters (ages 4 and now play with my old Fisher Price desk from the My mother saved it all these years! Most of the accessories are long gone, though. I remember many hours playing with this.

10penny mixes, I used to spend ages choosing my sweets, blackjacks, fruit salads, space discs, milk buttons, teeth, oh the memories

They were the days when I used to get a mixture after school! Choosing all of my fav sweets. I even remember the half penny sweets ❤️💕