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Big man in a suit of armor... take that away an what are you?

Big man in a suit of armor... take that away an what are you?

Walking Dead - Darryl Dixon

Don't EVER try to mug/jump Daryl. xD My all time favorite character from AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixo. Never jump Daryl Dixon.

Be true to yourself! Who knew Honey Boo Boo could be an inspiration?

True, honey boo boo might not be perfect but they shouldn't be shunned. Her family is a honest family who love and care about each other. When people make fun of her I just want to say go be snobby and cookie cutter some where else!

Ha this made me laugh! Guess I'm pretty dangerous

I noticed you have a favorite character in 'Game of thrones' i too like to live dangerously Dangerously - Austin Powers

Grapes & Raisins

"How Grapes Are Made" by Minimiam, the artistic collaboration between Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle. Minimiam imagines tiny worlds in every bite of food, populated by miniature residents. First seen on AnOther Magazine.

jamie fox was right about miley omg

Remember a few years ago when Jamie Foxx said Miley Cyrus would end up on a stripper pole and had to apologize? Well Betty White now thinks everyone owes Jamie Foxx an apology.

Morgan Freeman

Pinner wrote: Morgan Freeman has an interesting voice for movies. Maybe if he narrated my life it would seem as interesting as a movie.and then she made macaroni and cheese, again.

Funny pictures about Conspiracy Keanu. Oh, and cool pics about Conspiracy Keanu. Also, Conspiracy Keanu photos.


Seriously where's the love?

Cry as much as you can spiddy, uncle ben aint coming back.