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Neoregelia — Growing Neoregelia Bromeliads

How to grow neoregelia bromeliads, including tips on light, water and propagation.

Neoregelia "Yellow Devil" plant profile

All about growing bromeliads, gingers and edible plants, and their use in permaculture and sustainable landscapes.

Neoregelia 'Hanibal Lector' $20.00 - Collecting Bromeliads and Orchids in Florida

Trpoical Plants Bromeliads Orchids Instructions on how to grow Bromeliads and other Epiphytes Great Music and Lots of Photos.

(Vriesea splendens) care

But if ever a plant naturally looked like it was wearing a tuxedo, Vriesea splendens w.

Bromeliad Plant Varieties | There are now many hybrid Aechmeas available and many are now ...

Bromeliad Growers Group Australia is a cooperative of four bromeliad nurseries.