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iPad applicatie Libroid voor het lezen van boeken met extra functionaliteiten

The Idea - Libroid - more than a book

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Meet Nelson, Coupland, and Alice — the faces of tomorrow’s book. Watch global design and innovation consultancy IDEO’s vision for the future of…

Studying How To Study Infographic

How to Study: Studying Tips for College Students. Effective study habits are the keys to a successful college career.

Penguin Soundtracks

Penguin Soundtracks by Nick Partyka. Surrounded by entertainment, people are reading less and less books nowadays. So, Penguin decided to bring the fun back to books—by linking music (via Spotify) with the experience of reading eBooks.

Can the old printed book be replaced by a new medium for the story that needs to be told?

E = Media The survival of the fittest

infinite tears

“You know you’re a history fan when you still get upset thinking about the Library of Alexandria.

Stroke 7 Icon Font Set

A custom Lyons Fontenot-face icon font with scalable vector icons. This is a complete set of 140 thin stroke icons inspired by.

Isso sim é que é uma tomada moderna.

Node Electric Outlet eliminates the need for a power strip. Just plug it in anywhere on the square! Sweet except that there's no place for a 3 prong plug, all the power strips have them.

Dang it! There's the clocks I need for my son minus the money donation one. I'm afraid he'd make me broke!

Sometimes, a simple clock app is all you need to wake up in the mornings, but other times, nothing can get you out of bed. When the latter happens, one of these three alarm clocks may come in handy.

Twitter Campaigns With A Difference: TwitterScrabble -- Twitter as an entertainment platform for Scrabble

Genius idea by Duval Guillaume Modem to promote Scrabble Trickster, a new game obviously inspired by the original Scrabble.

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The possibilities of a 3D printer (scheduled via

This is a way simplified infographic, the possibilities and materials are even greater! Infographic The Possibilities of a Printer InkTechnologies