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Sleeping Beauty - Only in My Dreams - Harrison Ellenshaw - World-Wide-Art.com - $850.00 #Disney #Ellenshaw

"Only In My Dreams" - Harrison Ellenshaw

Once Upon a Dream   Painted by Peter Ellenshaw and Harrison Ellenshaw

Disney Fine Art Once Upon a Dream by Peter & Harrison Ellenshaw

Chip and Dale. (original) - Disney Art on Main Street at Alexander's Fine Art

Enchanted Assistant. Rodel Gonzalez. Original Acrylic on Canvas. 8"x6". (Unknown).

Enchanted Assistant (original) - Disney Art on Main Street at Alexander's Fine Art

"Cinderella's Moonlight Arrival" By Harrison Ellenshaw - Hand-Textured Limited Edition of 195 on Canvas, 12 x 16.

Cinderella - Moonlit Arrival by Harrison Ellenshaw presented by World Wide Art

Here five of the beloved stories are retold, set in a modern world. No magic, no aliens, no talking animals. Tangled, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid ...

I love Disney High School series!



I love how they're in order from oldest to youngest

Jasmine, Belle, Ariel [as a mermaid], Aurora [as Briar Rose], Cinderella & Snow White (Drawing by Unknown)

Art Center Gallery serving you for 25 years! 2075 Westminster Mall, Westminster CA, 92683. Toll Free: 1-866-254-6523 Biography Born in 1913, barely a year before World War I was to assail England with

Disney "MYSTICAL KINGDOM OF THE BEAST" Size: 24 x 26 | Giclée on Canvas | EDITION 500

Mystical Kingdom of the Beast, Peter Ellenshaw, Disney.


In march there is going to be a Ariel thick strip.

"Up the Road a Ways" by Rodel Gonzalez - Original Acrylic on Canvas,

Ruffnut and Rapunzel. Just a little talk

Ruffnut and Rapunzel. <<< i feel like ruffnut would be like rapunzel’s kickass older sister

Disney & Co - Rodel Gonzalez

Disney & Co - Rodel Gonzalez

Temptation Lurk's

Disney Fine Art Temptation Lurks by Rodel Gonzalez

"Dreaming" by James Coleman - I would love to buy this!

The Little Mermaid - Dreaming - James Coleman