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Bob Vila's 2013 Gift Guide for the DIY Dad

Pocket Multi Tool by Pocket Monkey Zootility - 12 tools in one that fits in your credit card holder - I am thinking great Christmas stocking stuffers

Keyprop : un support pour smartphone simple et pratique

Keyprop a key sized smartphone stand--Ron gadget

AquaFarm - Aquaponic Garden and Self-Cleaning Aquarium (but how do feed da fish?)

Aqua Farm - Self-cleaning fish tank that grows food. Fish waste feeds the plants. Plants clean the water. Includes everything you need to get started as well as organic seeds, I love this idea you can use your fish to grow plants!

going to do this

Mother's Day Crafts for Kids - Page 2 of 2

Emily, for mom? DIY Mothers day gift idea: Take 4 separate pictures of yourself and/or siblings holding each letter of the word love - or take the picture with your own kids for a great gift for their grandmother!

TaskOne iPhone Case - http://99viral.com/simple-ideas-that-are-simply-genius-part-1/

Swiss Army Knife iPhone Case - makes me think of "Real Apps" from New Girl

Avec cet aquarium à méduses, observez la grâce et l’élégance de cet animal marin en direct de votre salon.Ce kit complet comprends le matériel nécessaire pour garder vos méduses en vie,...

Mini Aquarium à méduses

Jellyfish Art in San Francisco to launch the Desktop Jellyfish Tank. Anyone can own pet jellyfish with the latest desktop aquarium gadget.

Survival Bracelet: Of course we must make this. This is very handy for lassoing zombies, luckily, they move pretty slowly, so you have time to untangle your wardrobe before you are set upon and eaten to death.

paracord survival bracelet for the zombie apocalypse *Brent has worn the crap out of his. I have learned that the craft paracord is crap. get the good stuff at the camping supply stores.

It’s never too early to start your Christmas shopping.  In fact, I tend to shop all year long and just squirrel gifts away in my Gift Closet.  However, there is nothing quite as special as a handmade gift, and a few friends of mine have put together a great collection of handmade gifts for adults that you can make in time for Christmas! Pin Check...Read More

60+ Handmade Gifts – Ideas and tutorials.

See over 60 ideas for handmade gifts for adults. Great ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list! Give handmade this Christmas!