DEATHNOTE chibi by ElyonBlackStar on DeviantArt. OH MY LOWD LOOK AT RYKU

DEATHNOTE chibi by ElyonBlackStar on DeviantArt. Of course, L has strawberry shortcake and Ryuk had a giant apple lol

You think that's bad, you should see him take a potato chip...and eat it. XD

Death Note XD I wish i could write like Llight.or is it Light?

10846235_981246578556846_5724049253142579452_n.jpg (750×600)

Not sure if that's a good thing or not. Gotta admit he is kind of creepy. Looks like an angel of death himself.

i want chibi Death Note peoples 0.0 cute cute cute..... *bite into apple*

These figures are out of proportion, with slightly bigger heads, and small bodies. These characters show both male and female anatomy of what they look like. This figures look as if they were made from some type of plastic.