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Yea I wish guys could make promises like this..the #struggle doe

to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.I promise you this Ina. Do you promise me?~~~Of course I promise! Always and forever!

my mom meets guys because of me - Google Search

"Sweetheart, the right guy will make you a priority. If you find yourself feeling like you're not good enough, it's because he's not good enough." - Steve Maraboli YES

Falling in love with him I hadn't expected.  But being in love with him is something I couldn't stop even if I tried.

I didnt expect to fall in love with you, but i couldnt stop loving you if i tried. Im so thankful our paths crossed that day. I juat wish i wouldve found you sooner so i could love you longer!

Image result for relationship advice:a date is an investment not a gift dont accept this investment if you plan on providing a return

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Very very true...

You don't have to cheat to lose your girl. You can lose your girl from lack of communication, attention & disrespect. It's not all about what you do, sometimes it's about what you DON'T do.


The Happiest Barn

Do you think life goes on forever? That behind every chance is another one and another one? It's the worst kind of extravagance the way you spend your chances.