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Elizabethan Lemon Cake Recipe

Elizabethan lemon cakes (I made the one on the left). So good for our Game of Thrones party in 2 weeks! Dairy free but contains eggs.

Nice to see an article on Viking Food based on archaeological finds. Viking Food - Looking for the Evidence.

Viking Food - a fascinating look at the types of foods eaten across the many countries and regions that the Vikings inhabited.

Medieval pies, Nice Step through representation | A Journey Through Medieval Life

Haandkraft: Medieval pies (I can TOTALLY make these with Earth Balance shortening or coconut oil and soy curls or seitan!

Medieval Lemon Cake Recipe ORIGINAL

Medieval Lemon Cake Recipe (don't let the source deceive you, it is indeed from an actual medieval text) ✓ - GAME OF THRONES FOOD!

Sansa's Lemon Cake Cookies #GameofThrones

Amazing Lemon Cookies

Amazing Lemon Cookies Recipe Prep for this weekend's premier of Game of Thrones season 5