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No one is ever going to convince me that Snape was a good guy.

Awesome Movies to watch: Don& talk to me about Snape being a tragic character. Sure he had a hard ch. *~*I'm Harry Potter, Harry Harry Potter*~*

So true and I love that I disappointed my abusive alcoholic farther..

"Don't worry, Cath," he said "I'll always be the original family disappointment.

Courtney Love at the Reading Festival 1994

Tousled and bleached. Grunge in its heyday. Courtney Love at the Reading Festival 1994

Oh, I've climbed over walls like this! Ancient wall, Dartmoor, Devon, England

Ancient wall, Dartmoor, Devon, England 'I guess this why I still love simple things like moss and stone walls'

THIS is my life goal.  Aim high & go for it!  Others have done it with Beachbody and so can I...or at least I'll TRY!

Love this definition of success from Tony Robbin. Whatever business you are in, this would be a good guiding principle!

French decorating. We make draperies to coordinate with this look. DesignNashville.com shipping world wide.

This is my little elegant roses collection area. I just love roses. While yellow rose's are my true favorites. I just love the white un - hybrid "bliss" rose. just one rose can give a whole room with a strawberry shortcake fragrance. Of course, it's diffi

When everyone wants a Rory

I want a Rory Williams in my life. Every girl deserves a Rory Williams. I want no Prince Charming, I'm looking for my Rory Williams ~A.