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My favorite flower Gardenia ❀ mother always had a beautiful Gardenia on every Mothers Day.

To create my floral water toner spritzer, I recommend the Gardenia flower. You may also use Roses instead.

The many faces of the gardenia flower - Fragrant Plants Forum - GardenWeb

Gardenia Frost Proof - grafted  A small, attractive and symmetrical shrub. Blooms from spring to fall, with a uniquely center cupped shaped flower and small narrow foliage. Profuse bloomer from spring through summer. Prefers slightly acidic soil, regular watering and full to partial sunlight. Relatively frost tolerant, as the name suggests. Great container and indoor plant.

Gardenia August Beauty - One of the most popular cultivars with large flowers. Needs acidic soil or to be kept in a pot. Great container and indoor plant.

These would be lovely around the pool

Like this Gardenia better! Thinking about where to put it in honor of my grandmother


Gardenia Bush -my favorite Southern flower. How to grow Gardenia's in Arizona

The First Love Gardenia will truly amaze with the size of its flowers.  Much like the Gardenia "Mystery" in flower size, the First Love blooms a bit earlier than most with blossoms often times around the month of May just in time for Mother's Day, the flowers continuing well into the season.  As with all gardenias, the flowers are wonderfully fragrant and the foliage shiny and glossy, the plant attractive even when not in bloom.  This gardenia grows to about 5 feet tall, so clip to shape if…

Wonderfully fragrant, double white 4 to 5 inch blooms are larger than any other Gardenia. A superb evergreen accent shrub or container item. It's the first Gardenia to bloom in spring and continue well into the growing season.