a woman riding a skateboard on top of a wooden floor next to a white wall


Kes | Roller Skater 🛼 Park • Jam • Derby • Quadskating on Instagram: "More skates to do in 1M squared… A bit more than beginner I think 🤔 hence “+” Moves to try are: ➡️ Toe pivots - staggered stance ➡️ Dribbles with toe pivots ➡️ C-step ➡️ Elongated C-step ➡️ Dribble with 180 toe spins ➡️ Dribble into toe spins (practising transition into spins is the start of gaining that elusive flow!) ⚠️ Remember to save for future reference ⚠️ ✨ Follow me for more 1X1M skate ideas ✨ #beginnerskater…


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