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david tennant

Sweet Mother of Celestia. That is a mad man whose box I'd love to visit. Which is to say, David Tennant. Also, YUMM!<<<I'm an eleven person, but mate, ten IS pretty hot

let's throw ourselves through a tree

"Tom taught me Yoga. We were doing yoga and I said, "No man, Natalie Portman's gonna be here in a sec. Let's go break something!" - Chris "Yes, let's go throw ourselves through a tree!

My 13-year-old self totally droolled over him while watching 21 Jump Street reruns. I guess some things never change.

'I'm a normal boy, it didn't took my stylist two hours to get my hair like this, it didn't took my six takes to get this look in my eyes. I'm just a normal boy and I love you.