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No matter when or how children hear the word “adoption” for the first time, they’ll have questions. And, as one question leads to another, adults may wonder what or how much to say.

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To wrap up National Adoption Month, we want to leave you with an infographic that shows adoptees can be anything, do anything and go anywhere in life. We hope you've enjoyed our content throughout the month, and more importantly, that you've learned something about adoption.

Celebrity Adoption [Infographic] Do people seriously ask that question?

A nonfiction /informational book for elementary/middle school age kids! Includes information about all forms of adoption - domestic infant, older child, and international.

The Paperback of the All about Adoption: How Families Are Made & How Kids Feel about It by Marc Nemiroff, Carol Koeller, Jane Annunziata

Once Upon a Baby

Once Upon A Baby~An LDS Adoption Story While I'm guessing this isn't an adult read, it intrigues me. There weren't many books about the topic when I was a kid.

Star of the Week: A Story of Love, Adoption, and Brownies with Sprinkles: Cassidy-Li, adopted from China, finds a way to include her birthparents in her poster when she is chosen as Star of the Week.

"Why Do You Have an Open Adoption?"

Wehn they found out we adopted, people often ask us why we chose to have an open adoption rather than a closed adoption.

Learn about Open vs. Closed Adoption | Mom At Last

Learn about Open vs. Closed Adoption - Mom At Last

awkward-adoption-questions...people are so clueless sometimes. Read up & educate yourselves, please!

10 Awkward Questions People Ask Adoptive Families

Most of the time I try to use insensitive, dumb or just plain rude questions as an opportunity to teach - but everyone has their limits!