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This is going to be me at    middle school always forgetting where my classrooms r

This is really funny but also sad so I feel kinda bad for laughing but. It's so funny ahahahah😂

Frozen vs Hunger Games

THAT IS MAHOGANY! Am I the only one who got the mahogany line in Frozen?>>he a actually said something else than mahogany:(


via: observando "I love everybody. Some i love to be around, some i love to avoid, and others i'd love to punch in the face." >>>ohhh that's what that feeling is. see i don't hate ppl, i really love them!

Skateboarding Scotty Dogs with drinking and smoking habits prohibited!

I can see why this drinking, smoking.skateboarding dog is banned from the park ? HD: Of course he's banned! He's smoking!

Via Etsy/facebook. Possibly one of the most awesome throw pillows I've seen.

Cross Stitch Mini Pillow in Pink, Blue, and Brown - I only say "bless you" twice.

I am in love with this! Laughing hysterically!!!

Shaming dogs.

Funny pictures about Shaming dogs. Oh, and cool pics about Shaming dogs. Also, Shaming dogs.

Keeping your child safe online is very important. Use these tips for a variety of network children often use.

Parents, learn about Internet Safety for Kids and Teens. This is a quick cheat sheet for non-techie parents who care about keeping their kids safer online. It takes about 30 - 45 minutes to make these simple changes!

Community: If Taylor Swift's Tweets Were Motivational Posters

If Taylor Swift's Tweets Were Motivational Posters

Community: If Taylor Swift's Tweets Were Motivational Posters