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Food Allergies
Free talking epipen auvi-Q - wasn't free, but we saved $100!
Food Allergies For Dummies:Book Information - For Dummies
FARE - Food Allergy Awareness Week - Resources - Food Allergy Research & Education
a-guide-to-anaphylaxis_infographic Repinned to Dating4Disabled http://www.dating4disabled.com/
Ingredient Smarts  The following is a rundown of what I commonly use in place of �allergenic� ingredients. Through trial and error (and trust me, there have been many), these allergen-free standbys have come to rule my kitchen.
Peanut Allergies:  What you need to know about Halloween candy
A Product Resource Guide for allergy friendly ingredients used in The Dinner-Mom recipes. They are free from egg, dairy, soy and peanut free and often many other common allergens.
How to give EpiPen/ Most popular adrenalin shot for severe bee/food allergies