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I used this poster as a model for an anchor chart. The students gave me ideas for the labels with my "help." I have launched many reading lessons off this poster. it's a visual reminder for my students.

Amazing website... it gives specific books for whatever strategy you are teaching!

These books are good for reading comprehension. These books should be in the classroom library and could be read aloud to the class. These books will help with the connecting process of reading comprehension.

asking questions

You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

Asking Questions Chart! I love this brightly colored anchor chart. Great idea to have a board already made. You could put it in the library center with sticky notes and have students do the activity on their own after you have done it as a class.

Smiles and Sunshine: Workshop Wednesday: Pinterest Reading

I like this chart with ways to get the students thinking throughout their reading and getting them to refer to the text. Teach reading comprehension with Post-it Notes: love this anchor chart would add check mark for something they agree with

We are working on telling time in first grade and I wanted to share this cute song in case anyone else is teaching time right now. This is another one of those songs that I have known forever but that I don't know the origins of- if it's yours let me know! We've been singing…

This clock song is perfect for teaching kids which hand is which and how the small hand goes by fives and the big hand goes by ones.

Synthesis Superheroes...so stinkin' cute! Visit her blog and see an idea for a cape and mask for your students to wear {so creative}

Synthesis Superhero & A Linky

Fantastic superhero activity for teaching synthesizing and inferring, moral/theme/big idea

Does your sentence have swag? LOVE THIS!!! I would say for an elementary school classroom, but I know some middle schoolers and high schoolers that could use the reminder.

Step into Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Superhero SWAG Anchor Chart - Does your sentence have? **superhero is spelled incorrectly on chart!

3-2-1! You can use this easy formative assessment for reading lessons.

Non-Fiction Know-It-Alls

(I've been doing a version of this during GR.would be great to have this as a laminated version for students to use in their book boxes and/or at the GR table).revise for end of day reflection.

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My kid can read and write ANYTHING with these! Get these FREE "grown-up" reading and writing SECRETS and teach them to your class tomorrow :) - vowel digraphs

Author Study-I love the idea of always keeping an active author study.. There are so many great authors that I would love to introduce my kids to! These are great to set up after a read aloud so students can see more of the author's writings. {Image only}

Author Study- love the idea of always keeping an active author study. There are so many great authors to introduce to kids. These are great to set up after a read aloud so students can see more of the author's writings. {Image only}

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