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Alphabet Printables for ABC Learning the Alphabet Games, projects and more.

ABC Learning The Alphabet Printables, Alphabet Games and More

60+ Pages, 30+ Preschool Activities - FREE from "learn-to-read-preschool-alphabet-e" at HappyandBlessedHome.com

5 FREE Preschool Alphabet Letter E Activities for PreK

Learn to Read Preschool Alphabet Letter E includes 30 FREE activities for preK to learn to read letter "e" words. Includes coloring, cutting, crafts +more


Exposing children to the ABC's in a creative way can help make learning letter recognition and letter sounds fun! Here's flower inspired alphabet activity that provides an opportunity for children to play and interact with letters of the alphabet!

What a great bible verse to have a little girl see every day in her room

What a great bible verse to have a little girl see every day in her room. I love this an i want to put one in each of the girls room, mom we can buy the canvas at ollies

Hurry and grab this super cute Prince Handwriting printable set - print edition for FREE!

FREE Prince Handwriting Printable Set - Print Edition

FREE Prince Handwriting Printable Set - Print Edition - Blessed Beyond A Doubt

Red Ted (4yrs) will be going to “big school” this September… and I thought it would be fun to support him with some Handprint Alphabet crafts. Mainly because both Pip Squeak and Red Ted LOVE printing with their hands.. and apart from a “great start” two years ago with our Handprint Fish, we don’t really …

Handprint Alphabet - A for Alien

Handprint Alphabet - a Freeplay Art Activity for the Letter of the week. From Red Ted Art.

How do homeschooled students compare to those educated in traditional public schools? This handy #infographic breaks it down.

This infographic compares homeschool with public school. Pretty revealing look at homeschool versus public school. Homeschoolers are on top once again.

Stop doing stuff for your kids that they can do for themselves - red

Your Kids: Responsible or Spoiled?

Great article about entitlement-As soon as your kids are capable of doing jobs, take the time to teach them to do the jobs and then gracefully hold them responsible story of my life with this boy!