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These are hilariously true.

If companies were honest, the world would be a funnier place…

If companies were honest, the world would be a funnier place…haha webmd

parents who have way too much fun!

We have rounded up some funny and geeky parents who around bound for internet stardom. Parents are hilarious when they try lol

Lightly fried fish fillets

No one needs to explain why they made some lightly fried fish fillets. Never question the lightly fried fish fillets.

That's why we can't have nice photos...that last one, oh my

That's why we can't have nice photos

It's truly a gift.

Teenager Post who can finish a shampoo bottle at the same time as conditioner are truly gifted. So true.

Lol that explains me

And then my friend start laughing because I was laughing so long or weird that they start laughing and make me laugh

Hahaha I actually fractured my toe when I hit my foot on a table

That's a nice toe you have there. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it.Yes, yes it wood.

This describes me so perfectly it's ridiculous.

My skills

Apart from the falling in love with people bit, i think the 5 times the serving size is the most true thing for me.

@Dawn Cameron-Hollyer Cameron-Hollyer Thompson!! This is you #Decathlete Struggs

Happens All The Time

In a dead silent classroom of about 30 students taking a test.my stomach: I will now demonstrate a whale's mating call