i love how castiel makes these massive mistakes by fanatically doing what he thinks is right, bringing about disaster after disaster... but it's all done with the purest, and best of intentions. there is no character more pure, nor more destructive than Castiel.

I love how Cas makes these massive mistakes by fanatically doing what he thinks is right, bringing about disaster after disaster. but it's all done with the best of intentions.

Omg that was kinda sad. At first it was really cute, but then it got sad and. Is I'm sad

Zerochan has 41 Lucifer (Supernatural) anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Lucifer (Supernatural) is a character from Supernatural.

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No soul-friends for me to lean upon. No soul mate to cheer me up. Sometimes the loneliness is unbearable. That will be the right time for me to sorrowfully go to bed while striving to sleep, so tomorrow I& have a fresh new happy day.

This was the first eposode my dad saw that had cas in it, this exact scene specifically and he just died laughing

One of my favorite scenes with Castiel in Supernatural :D I'd be the babysitter to his pizza man anytime <---- bad, very very bad. But SO funny!

Dean and Castiel: First through sixth #spn #destiel

So um is looking up Destiel always going to make me want to burst into tears or what because I don't think my heart can take much more of this

I laughed SO hard!

Castiel and Dean ~ Supernatural Fan Art Lmao! omg i laughed to hard at this,I can so see Cas saying that

I lived

My mom die, I lived. My dad died, I lived. My brother died, I lived. You my best friend died.

Most hilarious thing I've seen all day:

(Season 10 rewrite) Sass-tiel 13 by enginesummer on DeviantArt i love the fact that we share the same name =D daddy!Cas making dad jokes is honestly the best thing ever

The power of Christ compels you Deanmon

Donald Trump would deport this joke

long suffering face ;-) lol

My favorite things that other people found on Tumblr

I know I've already pinned this but it's so hilarious. The long suffering parent face of Dean Winchester

We don't know what cas wants, although I think he wants a family. Which are what Sam and Dean are for him.

These are the few angels loved by the fandom (although Anna annoyed me quite a bit when she wanted to kill Mary ). My favorites are Cas, Gabriel, and Balthazar in no particular order