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GMO - "Natural" doesn't mean non-GMO - BUY ORGANIC!! GMO USA=NO LABELS!!

GMO -- "Natural" doesn't mean non-GMO. Buy organic, non-GMO seeds and food.

Long article with advice about soy and how it affects endometriosis sufferers

The Dangers of Soy (read on, and you easily see how soy, in the way it is being consumed now in the USA, is not the healthy superfood food as they tried to trick us to believe)

I hope these 10 health reasons to avoid soy foods reach other people before they experience the problems I have been facing after a year of soy-centric diet.

Drink almond milk, coconut milk or high cream dairy( the milk is too high in lactose for me)

Celiac Awareness: My Story | sassy. happy.

Celiac Awareness: My Story

84 Signs You Have Celiac Disease (Infographic) Can have same or similar symptoms with a gluten intolerance. I had over 50 of these symptoms before seeing a doctor and switching to a gluten free diet

A Day in the Life of #CleanEating w Arbonne! http://elizabethcolon.arbonne.com Arbonne Independent Consultant ID #14938079. Facebook.com/LibbyColonAIC

A Day in the Life of Clean Eating w Arbonne! Join our next Detox Bootcamp to detoxify your body and start a new healthier journey

Sulfites in Foods List

This sulfites in foods list shows which foods are most often contaminated with the chemical so that people can avoid exposure to them and eliminate them.

Benefits of pro biotics

Since the clinical studies have established that probiotic therapy can aid in the treatment of some gastrointestinal concerns, delay development of allergies in children as well as treat and prevent women’s vaginal and urinary infections.