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American Shorthair Cat Breeds

(This is the funniest pic/Pin. I love the kids body language, and the look on the cats face, like he knows him from someplace; another life, perhaps.(I want to learn so much more about this cat!Funny Pictures Of The Day - 103 Pics

Paradise -- a book, and a cat in your lap...and in your face and...

Every time you read a paper or a book, your cat finds you .OMG so true

It was like a car wreck - I was freaked out, but couldn't help but keep staring!  (And now I've pinned it, so you can see  the freakiness too!)  ;)

Animals use photoshop too.

pinners beware: The Awesome Power of Photoshop! (Yeah seriously guys stop posting mythical animals and people's heads on the wrong bodies, it is not hard to spot a photoshop job if you use your brain) Weird!

Spoil your dog with the ultimate in canine laziness technology - the doggy stairlift. This revolutionary piece of technology will keep your dog's energy saved...

Dog Stairlift

Porky Pooch Stairlifts - Developed by insurance company More Than, Stair of the Dog 2022 is a stairlift prototype that has been made specifically for the canine species.

"I couldn't get into obedience school because of my low S.

NEUROTICA on Gocomics.com

NEUROTICA on Gocomics.com

"Flying McCoys" by Gary & Glenn McCoy ~ 'Un-Like-able' Valley Girl Language

"Flying McCoys" by Gary & Glenn McCoy ~ 'Un-Like-able' Valley Girl Language