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Sink or float experiment

Sink or Float: An Experiment with Seltzer Water

A simple science experiment that my kids loved doing - find out what sinks, floats (or even dances) in seltzer water

Filtering Experiment – can you do better

Filtering Experiment for kids

Water Filtering Idea - not this experiment in particular, but having different kinds, have the kids pick the best one, or have them make their own?

Simple Salt Water Density Science Experiment {Saturday Science}

Salt Water Density Science Experiment for Kids

Set up a simple salt water density science experiment to explore sink and float. Salt water density science is great hands on learning play too.

Science Sparks- Cleaning upu Water- looking at filtering- plastic bottle, dirty water, paper towels/coffee filter/muslin, funnel.

Key Stage 2 Filtering

Boats, Water Fun and Things that Float -- explore some science with the kids and create your own boats!  Also includes a few great books about boats.

Boats, Water Fun and Things that Float for Kids

{Explore floating & sinking with handmade boats} Create your own boat and see if it floats! Plus boat books & 30 more boat activities for kids.