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Pahoehoe is a bit hotter, forms lava tubes with many units, thin with lower viscosity & thickness so faster. Both slow down speed as they cool.

♂ Color inspiration - Lava - classy black with touch of bold red details. > The Lord is very color conoscente.

I am so grateful for the gentle waves of these passages, that each new wave has washed over, giving me time to adjust, to accept, to move into the next stage gracefully, diving in deep and emerging with an ever more cracked open heart, and knowing there's still more and still more…. Lucia Maya of Luminous Adventures

boazpriestly: “ Elements - Fire by *CassiopeiaArt” This really reminds me of Pele, Hawaiian volcano goddess! I love this though- I’ve never imagined a European ballroom dancer volcano goddess.

~~ON FIRE ! Lava and toxic smoke, Big Island, Hawaii by Abdulmajeed  Aljuhani~~

~~ON FIRE ! Lava and toxic smoke, Big Island, Hawaii by Abdulmajeed Aljuhani~~ (Pour Water People)

Kalapana, Hawaii, Elements - Hot air touched my face as I stood at the edge of the cliff, steam drifted away by the strong wind, thunders in my ears as the waves crushed on the melted stones and water fought with fire. (Jennifer Vahlbrucch) - Just beautiful!

Starting at Kalapana, Hawaii you can walk for two hours to the place on the coast where active lava flows touching the ocean. Where fire meets water.

fire Waterfall, really crazy looking! it looks like a lava waterfall - Yosemite National Park

Yosemite, February when the fire waterfall appears. The spectacular view of the waterfall is created by the reflection of sunlight hitting the falling water at a specific angle. This rare sight can only be seen at a period towards the end of Feburary.

http://Papr.Club - Another cool link is lgautotransport.com  Piedra Volcánica Asociada al elemento fuego y tierra…

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lava rock energy and security. Ignites the fire of kundalini and increases energy Piedra Volcánica Asociada al elemento fuego y tierra.

Volcano by *MinnaSundberg join us http://pinterest.com/koztar/

Is this where the last of the dragons hide? / Volcano by *MinnaSundberg