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Going to watch Beauty and the Beast tonight! ✨ Hoping it's worth all the hype, have you guys watched already? Meanwhile started a new sketchbook and ink pens too so I did a redraw of a doodle as old as time.

Practice lettering by writing spells and other things related to HP

Like if you seen the movie! I had to include that description to show that Harry Potter is loved by even the most grammatically deficient. Thanks movies!

Les fans se font une joie d'illustrer les idées de Rowling et le travail de Gabriel Picolo vaut clairement qu'on y jette un oeil.:

Les incroyables illustrations Harry Potter de Picolo

Amazing Illustrations Of Famous Magical Elements And Spells From Harry Potter >> absolutely beautiful. I wish I could do stuff like this!

Created by @_picolo on Instagram

Created by @_picolo on Instagram

the lament of icarus by picolo-kun

soundtrack Please backtrack some posts if your're feeling lost on this one. The zodiac arrows and the constellation animals collide!

As far as we're concerned, you can never have too much Harry Potter and it looks like DeviantArt's Picolo-kun agrees! This artist has created a series of illustrated book pages for the spells of Harry Potter that are truly stupefying. I mean, they had us Petrificus Totalus with amazement. Er...enough spell puns, this is Riddikulus. Accio amazing illustrations!  It's LeviOHsa, not LevioSAH. Bet the troll wasn't too happy you finally figured that out, huh boys?    Lumos is the best spell to…

Amazing Harry Potter Art That Will Leave You Stupefied