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Swirled Hourglass - 31 of the Prettiest Mandala Tattoos on Pinterest - Livingly

Swirled Hourglass

Angelina Jolie Tattoos - Angelina Jolie has the words "know your rights" inked across her upper back, along with many other tattoos and pieces of ink.

This neo traditional rose. (Photo: Michal Nowak) These x-ray lotus flowers on forearm. (Photo: Joice Wang) These fireworks. (Photo: Silo) These blackwork florals. (Photo: Zmierzloki) This compass rose. (Photo: Severov Roma) This space age bouquet. (Photo: Martyna Popiel) This colorful floral garter. (Photo: Tattooist River) This blackwork floral piece. (Photo: Jordan Ashley) ‘Strength.’ (Photo: Banul) This floral wreath. (Photo: Mariya Summer)

63 Fabulous Feminine Tattoo Design Ideas

Moon Glow  Genuine Moonstone & White Topaz  by CeeMonkeyDo on Etsy

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